FLEXIM’s Thermal Energy Meters Support Your Efforts Towards More Energy Efficient Buildings and Facilities

FLEXIM’s Thermal Energy Meters

Reducing energy consumption and costs is a significant priority for all industries. Energy efficiency usage has never been more critical than now, whether to meet energy regulations and standards or to improve the company's carbon footprint and bottom line. 

ISO 50001 or EMAS Energy Management Systems are the most powerful organizational tools for achieving efficiency. However, implementing and maintaining an energy management system can be challenging to obtain accurate energy consumption data. 

To improve efficiency, it is necessary first to assess the current situation. Measurement entails data points to learn about the energy flows from the boilers, chillers, and air handlers that serve the system's consumers. 

Installing data acquisition tools can become a massive and even overwhelming task given the various types of energy flows in heating and cooling systems, compressed air lines, steam supply, and high-temperature heat transfer oils. Each has its own set of characteristics and requirements when it comes to metering systems. 

The ultrasonic, non-invasive transit time principle FLEXIM is the ideal solution for all of these tasks. This measuring principle is a one-size-fits-all solution because it applies to liquids, gases, and steam and can handle temperatures ranging from -40°F to 465°F and even higher.

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